First Full-Length Trailer for 'John Carter' Finally Released

Seriously, this movie looks epic, but what's it about?

It finally happened: At long last, Disney released the full-length trailer for next year's highly anticipated sci-fi movie John Carter. I read Edgar Rice Burroughs' amazing Barsoom series forever ago, and I've been impatiently waiting on the movie since I first found out one was in the works. And guess what? The trailer? Yeah, it's awesome! And guess what else? Lots of people still have absolutely no clue what the movie is actually about. Wait, a movie trailer that doesn't explain every single plot twist and show every single key scene in a film in under two minutes? Bravo!

First off, let's keep in mind that John Carter IS an Andrew Stanton-directed movie. If that doesn't ring a bell, keep in mind that Stanton is one of the geniuses behind WALL-E and Finding Nemo. So right there, you know it's going to be good. I can go on and on here, but perhaps you'd like to see the trailer first?

No problem. Enjoy:

See? Epic. I wasn't kidding.

Here's the thing: Try explaining the premise behind John Carter to anyone who isn't already baptized into the geekifying goodness that is the character. Seriously, give it a go. I've been trying to explain this to my spouse for months now. It's almost impossible. And my first thought after seeing this full-length trailer is that it really doesn't tell anyone much about anything. Yes, you've got some major characters and yes, it is visually stunning but no - it doesn't give us a clue about the plot. Not really.

Apparently, this is very deliberate on the part of Andrew Stanton. He's quoted as saying, "I can tell you who the cast is and what the places are, but I’m not going to connect all the dots." As a movie trailer fan, I want to hug him for that statement. Too often, I've seen trailers drop that basically tell me every single plot point before I've even plunked my money down at the theater. Why bother, you know? Unless it's something I'm absolutely salivating to see, I can wait for DVD and, in the meantime, watch the trailer so I can discuss the movie without sounding like a total moron.

So hats off, Mr. Stanton. Thank you. And while I've got a really solid idea about the story/plot for John Carter, guess what? All I'm telling you is that this movie is about a Civil War soldier (John Carter, of course) who is transported to Mars. That's all I'm going to reveal, but I can say that if this trailer is any indication of what's coming, you should be at your local theater when this movie hits on March 9, 2012.