70's Cult Classic Boxed Set for $4.99

70's Cult Classic Boxed Set for $4.99

God Bless the 70's. After a long delay, I received "Drive-In Cult Classics 8 Movie Collection" in the mail today from Amazon for $4.99. I had the option of watching the Stanley Cup FInals (seriously, how many Americans not living in Penguin states really care if Detroit wins or not?) or putting the first of the series into my DVD player- "Pick Up". I chose the latter and it did not disappoint too much, but was definitely no Frankenhooker.

It took about 22 minutes for the nudity to kick in. Two hot young 20-somethings hitchhike to an undisclosed location with a stylish silver Motor home, circa 1971. At their first pit stop, one of the "broads" (this is from the 70's, so I feel free to use the old terminology) gets a visit from a Goddess, then apparently herself becomes a Goddess. And not just any Goddess, either, but a naked Goddess. Like I said, God Bless the 70's.

Meanwhile, back at the motor home, the other hot chick is doing the nasty with the Motorhome's driver, a trippy young dude who goes by the name of Chuck.

I can't even begin to describe to you how weird the mandatory acid flashback scenes were. Think organs, church, pig-tails, a white snake, and a classic orange car  and you can create your own version of events because I saw the flashbacks with my own eyes- totally sober- and have no idea what on earth I saw. Oh, and nudity that goes on forever. (I am sorry for not mentioning the clown with the rubber mask earlier, but I'm really, really trying to block it from my memory.)

The music is definitely 70's- lots of drumming and dramatic sounds, but no singing, which is kind of a bummer, because I would have loved to have had a little more explanation song-wise to help me understand some of the more "Dramatique" scenes in the movie.

The wrap-up: If you are willing to stand by your remote to turn up the volume on the sometimes fuzzy-dialog, don't care for plots that actually make sense, are not too afraid of creepy clowns, and have a penchant to enjoy mocking what is quite possibly one of the worst movies ever made, you have got to get this DVD set. Or if you just like gratuitous nudity set to 70's music, you may be in for a treat as well.