Aliens in the Attic

Aliens in the Attic

Prepare to laugh, but painfully…

My daughter and I borrowed the movie Aliens in the Attic from a friend recently, and I have to admit that the movie has some seriously funny parts. That said, it also has some seriously problematic moments—and much of it is pure groan-inducing humor, so you know your kids will love it.

It’s not as violent as I had expected, which is good—the worst bodily damage that I saw was an instance of fingernails being broken off. A tool boyfriend in the movie gets hurt quite a bit, which is just plain funny—when he falls and smacks himself in the face due to being controlled by  a remote, it’s not too painful looking. There are a couple of instances of crotch humor when he gets hurt, however, so use your own judgment when viewing with kids.

There are some themes in the movie that I just didn’t like, like the stereotypical girl with the loser boyfriend who’s using her; the big brother who saves the day; the product of divorce kids; and the little girl scared of bugs. We’ve seen all of this before and it’s just overdone. Plus, it’s mostly the boys who save the world from the aliens, which I didn’t enjoy, either; not only where there four boys to two girls in the movie (five if you include the idiot manipulative boyfriend), the girls were barely even included aside from use for humor. This alienates a whole half of your audience, by the way, Hollywood.

Then after a whole battle around some super daft parents who don’t get what’s going on, nothing is explained to them. They have no idea about the battle or that there were even aliens on the planet at all, which makes the ending less satisfying. Why make the kids go through all that trouble—and indeed, get into trouble in the process—without getting some kind of recognition at the end? I’m not saying that’s how life should be, but it would have given the movie more warmth and closure, making more satisfying in the end.

All of this said, there were some parts where I just laughed out loud—hard, but not long, perhaps out of embarrassment, perhaps because the humor was so cringe-worthy. But the movie was only made for fun, right? So I suppose mission accomplished, even if my brain hurt for a little while after watching it.