Anything by Chuck Norris

Anything by Chuck Norris

When you want to talk about R-movies, your mind tends to wander to two genres: action and horror. You can ramble off hundreds of Schwarzenegger and Stallone movies, but you can't forget the man whose tears can cure cancer, but he never cries.

Long before he was the butt of the Chuck Norris jokes and Walker Texas Ranger, he was the man behind Missing in Action, Delta Force, A Force of One and countless other movies where he karate kicked and shot his way from one bad guy after another.

He made blowing things up using a missile mounted motorcycle an art form. He saved prisoners of war and then went back and did it again and again. He's Rambo without the steroids and The Terminator without all the metal.

My favorite Chuck Norris movie is the classic '80s action flick, Invasion U.S.A. A spy tries to take over the U.S. starting out in the same small town as former C.I.A. Agent Matt Hunter who did him wrong. Does it make much sense? No! Why would a Russian spy choose to completely abandon everything just to go after some dude, but who cares? It gives Chuck Norris to get an Uzi and start blowing crap up.

If you want to see the lighter side of Chuck, then check out Firewalker with Louis Gossett Junior. It's a poor man's Indiana Jones, which is really what Norris always has been. He wasn't the big box office draw of the other guys, but he was the hero of the everyman.