'Argo' finally reaches the top spot at the weekend box office

'Argo' finally reaches the top spot at the weekend box office

Less-than-stellar debut for 'Cloud Atlas' is disappointing.

The biggest box office story of the weekend isn't that one of my favorite films of the year, Argo, finally reached number one, but that Cloud Atlas sank like a stone in it's debut. This is a big-budget, extremely hyped film, and I'm pretty shocked that it couldn't pull more people to the theater.

And no, we didn't see Cloud Atlas this weekend. When one lives in a college town with the number one football team in the country playing at home, one either hibernates or goes to the game. We hibernated. I love this time of year, I really do, but the traffic and the crowds during football game weekends makes it nearly impossible to get to the theater!First things first: Did anyone see Cloud Atlas this weekend? Please please comment and let me know what you thought. The premise sounds fascinating, if not extremely complicated, and the cast looks phenomenal. I'll see this eventually, no matter what, but I feel almost guilty that we opted out for now.

Now for the numbers: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Argo took the top weekend box office spot, grossing $12.4 million. So, you're thinking, isn't Cloud Atlas second? No! Amazingly, it was beaten (barely) by Hotel Transylvania with $9.5 million. Cloud Atlas was third with $9.4 million. Paranormal Activity 4 ($8.7 million) came in fourth, followed by a tie between the debut horror flick Silent Hill: Revelation 3D and Taken 2, each with $8 million.

I'm not sure what will happen with Cloud Atlas in coming weeks, but I know this was a bad showing for a so-called blockbuster film. A lot of big movies are opening soon (Flight, Lincoln, that last Twilight film), so the competition for box office dollars will be fierce -- and very, very interesting.