Arrested Development: Now?

Arrested Development: Now?

I’ve always kinda held out hope that at some point Arrested Development (the t.v. show, not the ‘90s rap group from Tennessee) would come back to television with a new season, much like Family Guy did after being taken out of rotation. But, alas, my dreams again have been squelched. And the further away from the 2006 cancellation of the comedy, the less likely a re-emergence is.

However, my sadness has been abated by the on going rumors of an Arrested Development movie. That would be like watching four episodes in a row – kinda.

Since the shows demise, there has been sporadic talk of such a project, most frequently with cast members saying that it would be a good idea. Apparently, Michael Cera at some point was on the fence, but now every one’s in.

From the New York Daily News via the A.V. Club, plans have emerged anew to point at some sort of actual work being done on the project. There are absolutely no details, which might mean that this is simply further speculation, but even that is a welcome sign.

Since the tail of the summer of 2008, talk has subsided regarding the future of this brand with Jason Bateman cropping up ever so rarely to talk about the goings on.

And really at this point it comes down to dollars and cents.

For any show into its third season to come up with a film idea seems almost ridiculous on its own. But the fact that Arrested Development didn’t make it to a forth season surely makes this all the more difficult.

If Fox didn’t deem this show a lucrative television project, what studio will figure that it’ll be a money maker at the box office?

That, I suppose, is partially based on the story idea, because if it does end up seeming like four disparate shows linked together, it probably won’t go over too well. However, Bateman, without giving any specifics said of Mitchell Hurwitz’s film concept, "It's typically bent and twisted."

So if that’s in place, we’ll see how quickly things come to fruition – or what projects Michael Cera has to get in the way of production.