'The Artist': A Feel-Good, Phenomenal Film

'The Artist': A Feel-Good, Phenomenal Film

Don't let the whole "silent movie" bit stop you from seeing this one

Ever had one of those moments, sitting in a theater watching a movie, where you just wanted to get up and dance you were so happy? That was my reaction during -- and after -- seeing the masterpiece that is The Artist!

After months of reading how awesome The Artist is, I finally got to see it over the weekend. Yes, my tiny town got it (that in itself is "awesome"). Even with all of the hype, all of the Oscar nominations and all of the Globe and SAG wins, I was still a bit skeptical. It's a silent movie. It's in black and white. Oh, and it's French! But trust me when I tell you it's wonderful and not at all what you'd expect.Jean Dujardin, where have you been all my life?! Oh. Wait. In France. Well, that explains it. Jean Dujardin deserves the Best Actor Academy Award, people. The man brings it big-time in The Artist. I have a much better understanding of just how difficult it must be to act without speaking. Dujardin's expressions are perfect - particularly his eyebrow gymnastics and that wonderful, charming smile. You'll be entranced.


Charming. That's the perfect word to describe The Artist. Also? Refreshing. In this day of car explosions, over-the-top action scenes and fancy 3D movies, it's mind boggling that a silent film could beat them all. This film did, at least for me. I left the theater smiling and kept smiling all the way home. Then I sat remembering the movie and guess what? Smiled again. And tap danced in my kitchen (if you've seen the film you understand...if you are going to see it, find your old tap shoes).

I'm making an Oscar prediction right now: The Artist runs away with it at the Academy Awards. Best Picture, Best Director and possibly Best Actor for Dujardin (though yes, he's got stiff competition in George Clooney). And for the record, I absolutey thing Uggie the Dog should have his own special Oscar category. Best on-screen animal ever!

Can you tell I had fun? Go see The Artist, especially if you're a movie fanatic (and historian). Have fun and then come over so we can work on our tap dance routine! Movies are still truly magical.