Atlas Shrugged: Corporations thrive, people do not

Atlas Shrugged: Corporations thrive, people do not

Paul Ryan and deregulation

I just saw the preview for “Atlas Shrugged.” Now I’m understanding why Paul Ryan has been talking up the novel “Atlas Shrugged,” which is Ayn Rand’s version of the world if corporations were to take power. 

Corporate power has long been the dream of many American corporations. And many corporations are in fact ethical and set higher standards for themselves than the government regulators would. Corporations need regulation, just the same way that individuals need laws. 


Let’s be realistic about corporations. If the head of a corporation has a choice to take a large bonus or disperse the amount more evenly to some of his senior employees, which decision will he make? Obviously, he or she would try to put the money in her own pocket, even if he did not do all of the work necessary. 


In Paul Ryan’s version of the world, this is no problem, even though the head of the corporation is just assuming that he or she is ENTITLED to take the bonus because he or she is the head of the corporation. In Paul Ryan’s world, it is perfectly acceptable for the heads of corporations to TAKE MONEY from the shareholders who used their hard-earned daughters to invest in the company. 


Corporate taking is allowable in Paul Ryan’s Ayn Rand-inspired world. Corporations would not have to pay taxes at all in his world. The rich, as Paul Ryan reminded us in the debate, should not be required to pay even more taxes because they pay so much already. It’s almost as if the rich think they are ENTITLED to an excessive amount of tax breaks that ordinary Americans either don’t know about or don’t have to worry about. 


A corporation has one clear objective in most cases: to make money. If corporations can make more money by lowering wages or laying off workers, the head of the corporation will probably make that choice. The idea that deregulating corporations will result in more jobs or a better economy is skewed toward the super-rich like Mitt Romney


Paul Ryan’s idea that the cream of the crop will rise to the top and that everyone else should suffer mirrors his running mate’s, who once said that some people thought that were ENTITLED to food. 


Don’t be fooled by the blockbuster movie that is about to come out. Listen to the words coming out of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s mouths and understand that the American people would not be represented by either of them. 


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