"Avalon High"

"Avalon High"


“Avalon High” is like “Clueless” in the way it tries to be a modern day adaptation of an older story. Unfortunately, “Avalon High” doesn’t succeed in a re-telling of King Arthur’s Court in quite the same way that “Clueless” retold Jane Austen’s “Emma” in a modern-day story—maybe the directors just aren’t in the same caliber.


“Avalon High” is set in the present at a high school of the same name and starts off following the typical teen genre. Allie is a new girl at school who is warned about which groups to hang out with at Avalon High; from what I could see, the groups were the popular group; the geek group of only one person; and the bully group. 


Allie’s history class is given an assignment to study particular aspects of King Arthur’s Court and Camelot. Allie is assigned “The Order of the Bear”,  which no one seems to have heard of—fortunately for Allie, her partner is the gung-ho geek and her parents just happen to be scholars studying King Arthur’s Court.


After discovering a secret book her parents just happen to have, Allie and her partner learn that “The Order of the Bear” is a prophecy saying that King Arthur will be re-born in modern times.


(Spoilers follow, but I won’t give away the end.)


Through use of a kind of flawed logic, Allie and her co-horts assume that Will, the kind of wimpy High School quarterback is King Arthur. The assumption is based on a few facts:


a.     Will’s girlfriend, Jen, is cheating on him with Lance, his best friend. (Get it, Lancelot? Pretty tricky, there, Disney.)

b.     Will doesn’t know he is being cheated on.

c.      Will’s step-brother is the leader of what I will term the bully group and it appears to the outsiders that he is trying to destroy Will’s will. 

d.     Because Will is Student Body President and Captain of the football team, he is the obvious choice for school leader.

e.     Allie’s family moved to this particular city or town, which could be almost anywhere in California, because they believed Will could be the new King Arthur. (Not a word of explanation is given for how they reached this conclusion.)


The ending is not necessarily what you think it will be, but if you pay attention, there are enough hints that you should be able to figure it out. I would recommend this movie to a definitely younger crowd or maybe to middle school teachers wanting a good way to introduce the legend of King Arthur.