Battleship (2012) – Wtf?

Battleship (2012) – Wtf?

When I heard that there was a movie in production based on the Battleship board game, I had to roll my eyes at the desperation of Hollywood for subject matter.  Had it come to this?  Was the well of ideas tapped and drying up to the point that they were going to film two people yelling out coordinates and blowing each other’s boats apart?

This movie is, however, not anything of the sort.  The only “based on” connection to the board game seems to be the name, as the plot of this movie revolves around a small Naval force fighting against (what else?) aliens.  We’ve all seen a dozen of these films and skipped another two dozen.  It’s the same basic premise as Independence Day, except instead of the American Air Force winning the day, this time it’s the American Navy.  And this time the aliens are hanging out in the ocean instead of descending from the sky.

The protagonist is, in typical cliché fashion, a breakin-the-rules prodigy/misfit 

military guy who also happens to be in love with his commanding officer’s daughter.  If I had my guess, I would say that he somehow ends up in charge of the fleet and comes up with a crazy and unique way to defeat the aliens against the advice of every other person with military experience in the group.  Heck, maybe not. 

The cast of the film consists of… a bunch of people I care less about.  Oh, and Rhianna.  No, she’s on the list of people I don’t care about, so never mind.  Liam Neeson is in it though.  Gotta wonder if that poor guy just can’t find work anywhere else.

So, Battleship is a classic aliens versus the earth film that just happens to be capitalizing on the name of a board game.  If you want to see a bunch of things blowing up, including some battleships, aliens and a city or two, drop the ten bucks and go see this film.  Personally, I’ll wait for it to hit Netflix and then probably ignore it.


Here’s a bit of a sneak at the film.  Watch things explode!