The Blind Side

The Blind Side

I love “The Blind Side.” If you haven’t seen this heartfelt, emotional, and compassionate film yet….you must! This movie is definitely an inspirational, but yet “tear-jerker” film. Starring Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw, “The Blind Side” is about a young African American high school boy named Michael Oher, who comes from a broken family and is lucky to be seen in the eyes of a loving, well-respected Memphis couple. Sandra Bullock who plays Leigh Ann alongside Tim McGraw who plays, Sean, her husband are one wonderful couple that believes in this sweet 16-year-old boy who has true potentials towards achieving good grades in school along with a huge dream to be in the NFL.

The Blind Side is based on a true-life story of a young boy named Michael Oher who leaves his broken home family at the age of 16-years-old wandering the streets every night looking for a place to sleep, live, and…..survive. One evening during a game at the local high school where Leigh Ann’s son plays, her husband, Sean, notices that Michael is cleaning litter and garbage off the bleachers. Impressed by Michael, Sean did not forget about him. That very night, the family drives back home and notices Michael walking on the streets alone. Feeling sad, Leigh Ann gets out of the car and asks Michael if he has a place to stay. Michael answers “no.” She tells him to get into the family car to drive him back to their house where Michael will feel warm, cozy, and comfortable. Michael was very unsure about the situation, but decides to take Leigh Ann on her very generous offer.

Leigh Ann and her family get to know Michael on a more personal level. He is soon a part of the family. Leigh Ann decides to enroll Michael into the local high school. She also notices that he has a passion and heart for… In order to play football for the high school team, Michael must maintain a high enough GPA in order to play. Leigh Ann notices Michael’s grades are “slumping” in his classes. She argues with school officials about his grades and how he will work extra hard to keeping his grades up because Michael wants to play football. They decide to give Michael a chance to raise his grades up. Leigh Ann is satisfied.

If you love a “real” inspirational, heartfelt, and emotional film filled with strong dreams of a special, young 16-year-old boy named Michael Oher who has hopes, inspirations, and dreams to hopefully make it into the National Football League or better known as the NFL. The Blind Side truly touched my dear heart because it brings back home memories of when I was very young hoping to make it into the “performing arts.” This beautiful film absolutely touched me in a very heartfelt, emotional way because of how one sweet, young boy wanted to work very extra hard in school and at the same time….play football. Wow….can you call that amazing?

So for all you folks who haven’t seen The Blind Side yet, I highly recommend watching this beautiful, heartfelt, and inspirational film based on a true story of a young African American boy who have hopes and dreams of making it into the NFL. Be sure to have a box of Kleenex by your side in case you do feel the need to shed some tears. Enjoy this wonderful, but yet beautiful film based on this young football player named Michael Oher who does eventually makes it into the NFL after all with the help of his loving, adoptive parents and wonderful family too.