Box office winners of the week: 'Ted' and 'Magic Mike'

Box office winners of the week: 'Ted' and 'Magic Mike'

Two R-rated films make history

Did you go to the movies this weekend to see Ted or Magic Mike? If so, you helped both movies make box office history. This is the first time ever that two R-rated films made more than $20 million in the same weekend.

To say that both movies beat expectations would be a tremendous understatement. It's not entirely unheard of to see one R-rated movie do well on any given weekend -- but two? That's never happened before. In our house, we split: I saw Magic Mike while my spouse opted for Ted. On the way home from the theater, we both realized we'd been thoroughly entertained.I've always enjoyed going to the theater to see movies, and sometimes I'll go even if I'm not overly stoked about seeing something, just to have the experience. With temperatures well into the 100s all weekend here, I had three choices to beat the heat: hit the pool (too crowded), go shopping at our indoor mall (too expensive) or hit the movie theater. The choice was a no-brainer for me, and for everyone else in town. The place was packed by early afternoon.

As I mentioned, our household was divided: I decided to see Steven Soderbergh's male stripper dramedy Magic Mike, while my husband didn't hesitate to choose Seth MacFarlane's comedy Ted. The films started at roughly the same time, and I was surprised to learn that several other couples waiting in line with us were also splitting up once the tickets were torn.

The box office numbers for Ted and Magic Mike support this idea: Ted took just over $54 million in it's debut weekend, while Magic Mike raked in more than $39 million. For Ted, that's officially the best R-rated movie debut in history (the previous record holder was 2009's The Hangover at $45 million, if that gives you an idea).

Now for a quick review of both: I loved Magic Mike, and not just because of the gorgeous display of Hollywood hunkiness. The film is much more than that: It's a snapshot of the male stripper subculture, and it worked for me on every level. Channing Tatum is now officially a mega-star. I think it's one of Soderbergh's best movies in recent years. If you aren't seeing this in the theater (for whatever reason), make sure you see Magic Mike on DVD when it comes out, okay? Okay.

My spouse says Ted was great, and tremendously funny. He said the 80s-related jokes hit home, and noted that there is (and I'm quoting here), "the best movie cameo EVER" in the film. I won't give it away, even though he spoiled it for me. If you're a Family Guy freak, you'll apparently adore Ted.

Did you hit the movie theater over the weekend to try and beat the heat? What did you see? Let's hear it!