Child's Play

Child's Play

The Child's Play movie series actually started out as a legitimate big budget movie back in 1988 starring Catherine Kicks and Chris Sarandon. Charles Lee Ray, played by iconic horror actor Brad Dourif, is a killer with a passion for voodoo.

His plan was to transfer his soul into another body and escape the cops. When he's shot and trapped in a toy store with the end nearing, Ray does the only thing he can and transfers his soul into a nearby Good Guy doll. The doll ends up in the hands young Andy Barclay and we slowly realize that Ray is inside Chucky and wants the boy's body as his own.

No one believes that his doll is alive and then people start dying. Needless to say, Andy and his mother are able to destroy Chucky and not live happily ever after. The movie was a hit and Chucky became another horror icon like Freddy and Jason.

Just like this above, no matter how many times they kill him, Chucky always found a way back in the next movie. There was much killing and murder in doll proportions. He eventually got a bride played by Jennifer Tilly and even a little son of his own.

While the quality of acting and plot decreased with every movie, it found a surge of popularity with Bride of Chucky, but that quickly dissipated. Dourif always came back to be the voice of this seemingly immortal doll. My guess is we haven't seen the last of Chucky or Child's Play.