"The Descendants": George Clooney's Character Acts Strangely

"The Descendants": George Clooney's Character Acts Strangely

"The Descendants": I'm not buying the plot line.

Once you get past the basic premise of the plot in “The Descendants,” there are still quite a few flaws within the script itself. The Descendants is the all-too usual story of a man whose wife slips into a coma at the same exact time that he has the responsibility of choosing what to do with his family’s large land trust on the island of Kawaii.

George Clooney plays Matt King, father of two, wealthy attorney, loving husband, and the one entrusted to sell his family’s large land trust. His cousins, who are less wealthy than he is, are all clamoring for him to sell the land because they need the money, but supposedly the entire state of Hawaii is against him selling this beautiful parcel of land.

Here are the problems with the script in my view and they mostly surround George Clooney’s character: (Spoilers.)

George Clooney does not seem all that concerned that his wife is in a coma and that she is dying until he learns that she was cheating on him with a real estate agent. Excuse me if I’m incorrect, but didn’t Kevin Spacey’s wife (who was never in a coma) also cheat on him with a real estate agent in "American Beauty"?

 George Clooney doesn’t go to pick up his daughter from her private school on another island until he is told that his wife won’t live. His daughter is conflicted about her mom because she is the one who caught her mom having an affair. Again, Tori Spelling’s dad in "90210" was not in coma when she caught him cheating, but it did happen in another movie.

George Clooney decides to take his family plus his daughter’s mouthy surfer boyfriend to track down the real estate agent who are vacationing. If he was really so busy with his wife dying and with having to sell the land trust, would he really stalk the guy who was cheating with his wife? Wouldn’t his family and friends think that was strange?

George Clooney decides at the end of the movie not to sell the land trust. Possibly for Hawaii or for the memory of his wife. The problem with this is that his cousins have less money than he does and want to sell the land trust. The other problem is that Hawaii would actually benefit if he sold the land trust because there would be more jobs created. (He had already picked someone who was local and would develop the property in the right way.)