The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada

I love this film. It’s a very fun, chick-flick type of fashion-in-the-Big-Apple movie. If you love high-end fashion and adventure, this is the film to see! Based on a best-selling novel by Lauren Weisbeger, Oscar-nominated actress Meryl Streep who plays Miranda Priesley as an aggressive fashion editor hires a country girl, Andrea Sachs to be an assistant for her high-end fashion magazine firm played by Anne Hathaway. Out of millions of hopeful job applicants, Andrea Sachs was the luckiest new assistant to capture the most glamorous jobs in New York City.

Andrea shows up to her job interview in a very plain outfit attire in front of another fashion assistant who didn’t really see much potential in her. She proved Miranda Priesley’s assistant wrong. With a few months on the job, Andrea is working extremely hard to win over her boss Miranda who is a very difficult woman to please in the fashion world. Part of being a fashion magazine editor’s assistant is to take coffee orders, multi-tasking between phone calls, meetings, scheduling appointments, and the fun part….helping with fashion attire. The high-end fashion industry is always ever-changing and one must be able to handle pressure and strict deadlines. That was an important criteria Andrea had to follow as part of her assistant job. She did what was asked of her with no complaints. With Andrea’s hard-work paid off, Miranda asks her to come to Paris Fashion show. What an amazing fashion opportunity!    

As a country-girl turned glamorous, high-end fashion assistant to the most powerful fashion magazine editor, Andrea Sachs is on her way to having her dreams come true. But is that all she wants? There is one thing missing in her life though. She has wonderful friends and a loyal boyfriend in the city that misses the old “Andrea.” During an evening art show event at her friend’s art galleria, she catches a man kissing Andrea. Deeply hurt, she tells Andrea how she feels and that the changes are affecting their friendship. Andrea’s friend tells her to have a great time in Paris until her boyfriend shows up.

When the moment arrives for Paris fashion show, Andrea is still stuck with the lonely feeling of being away from her friends and boyfriend. She even wonders if her career as a fashion assistant really was worth it. During a fashion award ceremony, Andrea is seated next to her colleague. When Miranda announces an award to another colleague, Andrea is deeply upset by her boss’s choice. She felt her colleague deserved the award. After the ceremony ends, Andrea and her boss head to Paris fashion show in a limousine ride. With a long pause of silence, Miranda expressed her thoughts on what had happened. When they got out of the limousine, Miranda is led upstairs bombarded by photographers and reporters while Andrea looked on. She was supposed to be with her boss during Paris fashion show. Andrea changed her mind. She walks away from it all.

Andrea decides there were other great things in her life besides being a fashion assistant to the most powerful fashion magazine editor…….her friends and boyfriend. The ex-fashion assistant meets up with her boyfriend to express her sympathy and love. Aw, how sweet. If you love fashion, lighthearted drama, and adventure, this film is for you. For a short clip on The Devil Wears Prada, please click here.