Did North Carolina Dad go too far shoot Daughter's laptop?

Did North Carolina Dad go too far shoot Daughter's laptop?


Did Dad from North Carolina go to far with his responding rant to fifteen year old daughter? Some are not happy with the way this father decided deal with his bratty teenager but I for one had a good laugh and thought the girl got what she deserved.

In response to a nasty letter directed to her parents (not intended to be seen by them) Hannah Jordan’s father, Tommy, made a little internet video of his own to teach Hannah a lesson. Tommy posted his eight minute video rant on Facebook last Wednesday and immediately the video went viral. It has already acquired some two million views. In it, Tommy read aloud a letter he found on his daughter’s Facebook wall. Writing the letter for her friends but directing its scathing contents at her parents, Hannah complains about having to do chores and a cadre of other hardships. Her father, apparently an IT guy by trade, easily uncovered the letter (even though Hannah has blocked her parents). After reading the irritatingly immature note, Tommy addresses each of his daughter’s complaints, staring point blank into the camera (he knows she and the rest of the world will see it soon).


After telling his daughter off, including explaining how easy her little fifteen year old life is, he proceeds to take the camera and aim it at Hannah’s laptop which now is on the ground outside. Then Tommy introduces his .45 hand gun and puts about nine bullets into the laptop. He ends the video explaining that the next time Hannah needs a computer she’ll have to purchase her own. 


I know shooting your child’s laptop with a .45 is a bit reckless, violent, and white trash but it’s a bit refreshing to see parents standing up to their disrespectful teens and showing them who’s boss.


What did you think about the video?