‘Django Unchained’ gets the angry words

‘Django Unchained’ gets the angry words

More overreactive people screaming bloody murder about Tarantino’s latest flick

Quentin Tarantino’s latest movie, Django Unchained, has in its short time of release, already been gathering a fair degree of criticism.  Set during the time of slavery, it involves some material that many don’t think appropriate, including a rather prodigious use of the so-called “N-word”.  Despite most people enjoying the film (including many who would have cause to be upset if it was blatantly racist), still people persist in voicing their disapproval.  And now the whole affair is getting even more attention and protest following the release of some Django Unchained movie-themed collectable action figures.

First and foremost, the movie has more than its fair share of racial slurs, but it is in context.  I think what some people fail to realize is that if the movie were historically accurate, it would be even worse, so what’s the issue here?  If it’s natural to the story, the demonstration of racism is not necessarily racism simply by association.  Learn to make the distinction folks.

Secondly, the action figures are not for kids.  I repeat - not for kids.  These “toys” are the types of items that people generally buy and never even take out of the package.  If your kids are screaming for you to buy them a Django Unchained collectable figure, then that probably means you let them see the film.  If they’re eight years old, then that probably means you should reassess your parenting skills rather than complaining about the aftermath.  It blows my mind that people honestly believe that kids are going to buy these things and then spend their play time reenacting scenes of slavery.  But even Al Sharpton has stepped up and made the claim that the figures were made to appeal to children.  Of course, I’ve never known Sharpton to be too sharp when it comes to common sense issues.

To sum up, people need to chill out.  Sit back, take a breath and ask yourself a simple question - am I thinking rationally?  If the answer is no, then you should probably take a few days to think the issue through instead of just yelling loudly in a reactionary fashion.  Just because an issue is sensitive doesn’t mean it can’t be approached in an entertaining manner and leave us all a bit better for having had it placed squarely in our field of vision.