Do NOT Confuse "Meet the Feebles" with "The Muppet Show"

Do NOT Confuse "Meet the Feebles" with "The Muppet Show"

Peter Jackson’s “Meet the Feebles” attracted me at the local video store because I have secret thing for muppets---especially Gonzo---and because I like strange and twisted movies sometimes. When I was getting the rental, the clerk asked me if I’d ever seen the movie and tried to warn me that it was truthfully bizarre. I told him that I could handle it and walked out with the movie in hand. 



The movie stars “Heidi”, who is the star of the “Meet the Feebles” variety act. Like Miss Piggy, she is an aging prima-donna who has a tendency to overestimate both her charms and her singing abilities. As the film continues, she becomes increasingly aware of the other stars and her boss’ –who she was having an affair with—feelings about her which leads to a very nasty ending.


The dialogue in “Meet the Feebles” is pretty quick, maybe due to the sharp Kiwi wit of Peter Jackson. Unfortunately, however, the film is so low-budget that you get the feeling that he couldn’t really do all that he wanted to with the filming of the “Meet the Feebles”—a definite contrast to his work on the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.


The humor in “Meet the Feebles” is pretty low-brow—if you are thinking that this might be a good date-night film, I suggest you consider how your date with react to a pretty graphic scene involving a bunny-three-some.  Even if you think your date would like it, I would probably advise against getting the film with a date unless you plan on being really, really stoned because the low-budget special effects and the humor are pretty hard to take for the duration of the film. (At the start of the movie, I gave myself 30 minutes to see how much I would like it, and barely made it through. I think I might have appreciated it more with drugs.)


Like “The Muppet Show”, the entire cast is puppets and there is a ton of inter-species dating. Unlike “The Muppet Show”, there is a lot of sex and drugs in the movie. I am guessing that Peter Jackson was trying to be more realistic in terms of how the characters would interact than the in “The Muppet Show” as most of them are vying for positions and attention from the boss. There are a couple of cute characters, but no one who moved me nearly as much as a Gonzo or a Beeker.


All in all, I would recommend this movie primarily to big-time pot-smokers who have nothing better to with their time---aka college students. Don't believe me? Clips HERE.