Doctor Who Movie?

Doctor Who Movie?


Where Doctor Who goes, rumors inevitably follow.  The latest rumor, and one that has resurfaced from time-to-time, is that the Doctor will be appearing in his own big-screen movie.  While many of us fans would be overjoyed to see two hours of Doctor Who on a gigantic screen with a massive budget for special effects, if it wasn’t done right there would most likely be rioting in the streets by angry fans.

Which leads me to… David Yates.  The new set of rumors revolves around this Harry Potter director taking the helm of a Doctor Who project.  He has been talking about it rather openly, although stating only that sometime in the future he would likely be working on a movie with the Doctor.  He has also, however, said that his version of the famous franchise would be a reboot-styled film and that there would most likely be a new cast.  And thus, a new Doctor.

Conflicting remarks about this project come from current Doctor Who executive producer and geek guru, Steven Moffat.  He has stated that there are absolutely no plans to do a Doctor Who movie and that if they ever did one that it would star the current Doctor and be completely consistent with the already existing series.

So one has to wonder… with Yates talking so openly about his plans to put his fingers into the Doctor’s world but Moffat talking in no uncertain terms that it’s not going to happen, who is telling the full story here?

Regardless of whether Yates is just jumping the gun or not, I don’t think trying the god-awful Hollywood reboot approach is going to do anything but make the Doctor worse.  There is a strong world that he lives in that has the support of millions of fans and to play with that formula will only be a recipe for disaster.