'The Expendables 2' tops the weekend box office

'The Expendables 2' tops the weekend box office

Moviegoers didn't exactly flock to theaters - not even for Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Did you go see a new movie this weekend? No? Well, you weren't alone: Very few of us did, at least by regular standards. While The Expendables 2 won the weekend box office race (again), the overall numbers were pretty puny. Welcome to the summer movie doldrums!

Despite the release of a handful of new films, moviegoers apparently opted out, for the most part. I think we're all just broke after shelling out so much money to see the big summer blockbusters. These days, I won't get in the car and drive to a theater to see anything unless it's a sure thing. And right now, I'm not seeing a lot of sure things.The Expendables 2 ruled the box office again this past weekend, but the action sequel only took in $13.5 million. That's very low for a number one film. Another action sequel, The Bourne Legacy, was in second place, with an estimated weekend take of $9.3 million. Paranorman was third, with $8.6 million, followed by the Will Ferrell and Zack Galifinakis comedy The Campaign with $7.4 million.

How did the new movie releases do? Not well. The Joseph Gordon-Levitt action thriller Premium Rush only managed to finish in seventh place at the weekend box office, taking in a measly $6.3 million. You know it's bad when anything starring JGL bombs. And the indie comedy Hit & Run, starring Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell and Bradley Cooper, finished at number 10, taking in just $4.7 million. Ouch. Big, huge ouch.

Oh, horror fans? You were nowhere to be seen this past weekend, because the horror thriller The Apparition, starring Ashley Greene and Tom Felton, didn't even finish in the top 10.

There was one film that over-performed at the box office: The anti-Barack Obama documentary 2016: Obama's America. The movie was released in more theaters nationwide, and managed to gross just over $6 million.

Will things pick up soon? Probably not in the short term. I see very little in the way of blockbusters opening in the next several weeks. At least we can all save our pennies for bigger films and catch up on our DVD rentals now, right?