Final 'Twilight' movie installment takes top spot at the weekend box office.

Final 'Twilight' movie installment takes top spot at the weekend box office.

'Breaking Dawn Part 2' has a big finish.

Is anyone in the world surprised that Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 was the winner at the weekend box office? I didn't think so. I mean, come on people, this is the last Twilight movie after all! Still, believe it or not, some of us actually did hit the movie theaters to see other films, myself included.

We saw Steven Spielberg's Lincoln, and despite my already ridiculously high expectations, I was blown away by Daniel Day-Lewis' portrayal of Abraham Lincoln. This man is the finest actor of our generation, without question.

What did everybody see this past weekend? As I mentioned, we were fortunate enough to finally see Lincoln, and we weren't disappointed. It's a great film, and definitely will get several (deserved) Academy Award nominations. We also rented The Campaign, and loved it. It's always a good thing to see a great comedy movie, especially one starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis.

But back to the weekend box office: Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 cleaned up, taking in just over $141 million domestically. That's incredibly impressive. Even more impressive? Breaking Dawn Part 2 made a grand total of nearly $341 million worldwide. In. One. Weekend. I cannot imagine how much Summit Entertainment is going to miss this money-making franchise!

Despite the hype, Twilight wasn't the only movie in theaters this past weekend. The latest James Bond installment, Skyfall, continued to do well, taking the second slot with $41.5 million. I'll say this again: We've seen Skyfall and it's a fantastic Bond film. I still love Goldfinger the most, but Skyfall is way up there among my favorite Bond movies now.

Lincoln was third at the weekend box office, taking in $21 million. Go see this one people, go now, if for no other reason than to say you've seen one of the best, if not *the best ever*, Daniel Day-Lewis performance on film. Wreck-It Ralph and Flight rounded out the top five, by the way.

We've reached critical mass now for great new movie releases. This is the cream of the 2012 movie crop coming out right now. Next up for us, I think, will be The Silver Linings Playbook. Right now it's only in limited release, but hopefully it will expand to additional theaters through the long Thanksgiving weekend.