Finding Forrester

Finding Forrester

A reclusive writer and an inner city teen become friends

I watched "Finding Forrester" for the first time tonight. Awhile ago, my husband had asked me if I had ever seen it. I told him no, and he told me I'd like it. So today when we were at the video store, he found a copy on sale. We came home and watched it, and he was right - I did like it.

Released in December of 2000, "Finding Forrester" stars Sean Connery as a reclusive author, William Forrester. Rob Brown plays Jamal Wallace, a young African-American boy from Brooklyn who excels at both his school work and basketball. 

After achieving high scores on a standardized test, Jamal is given the opportunity to attend an exclusive private school in Manhattan. At his new school, Jamal pursues his two loves - basketball and writing. He befriends Claire, whose father is on the school board, and William Forrester.

While still attending school in Brooklyn, Jamal had broken into an apartment on a dare from his friends, and left his backpack when he was discovered.After getting the backpack back, Jamal discovered that his journals and writing had been corrected and critiqued by the apartment owner. Jamal returns to the apartment to talk to the old man, and ends up befriending him.

In Jamal's English class, the students are assigned to read a book by William Forrester. Jamal discovers that the old man he has become friends with is Forrester. Forrester becomes Jamal's muse, while Jamal helps Forrester over his past and into his future.

Jamal takes the school's basketball team to the championship, while Forrester helps Jamal pursue his dream of writing.  Jamal enters the school's writing contest, but his English teacher, a failed author, thinks his work is too good and believes there is no way Jamal wrote his story himself. The reclusive Forrester appears at Jamal's school and convinces the school board, and the English teacher that Jamal did indeed write the story himself.