First 'Prometheus' Trailer Drops: What Do You Think?

First 'Prometheus' Trailer Drops: What Do You Think?

Ridley Scott's sci-fi extravaganza expected to be a blockbuster in 2012

The long-awaited Prometheus movie isn't hitting theaters until June of 2012, but guess what? We finally have an actual legitimate trailer for it! Yes, happy holidays to us: The Prometheus teaser-trailer made it's debut online just a few days ago, offering up a first glimpse of the Ridley Scott sci-fi thriller. Hopefully we'll get some more clips and trailers between now and then, but for now, this trailer will have to do.
Some, including Ridley Scott, are saying this movie isn't a prequel to 1979's blockbuster Alien, but I think the trailer offers evidence to the contrary. Either way, Prometheus looks like a great film!
Check out the trailer and you'll see exactly what I mean:


Excited yet? Slick, cold and super creepy.

I won't go so far as to offer a frame by frame analysis of the Prometheus trailer, but I will tell you what I think! First of all, I love the cast: Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender? Yes, please. One brief scene definitely struck me: Rapace hanging upside down. Looks. Just. Like. Ripley.
Another thing that really jumped out at me watching the Prometheus trailer: It definitely looks like an Alien prequel. I wasn't sure how much this movie would stick to the original, and even though we don't actually see the alien in the trailer, and the plot is tough to decipher based solely on the trailer (they aren't called "teaser-trailers" for nothing) - but still, we get the idea. This team of scientists are looking for clues to the origin of the human race. What they find proves devastating - and deadly.
I think a lot of us would like to think that Prometheus is definitely an Alien prequel, and the trailer certainly plays up that angle. As a whole, though, the actual story is nothing like the original film. It's possible that the movie, at least right now, is being sort of hyped as a prequel to generate more interest (as if it needed any more interest...but still).
For fans who've been waiting for this movie for what seems like forever, what do you think? Are you more excited than ever to see Prometheus, or somewhat underwhelmed? Three decades have gone by since Alien, but that movie remains one of the best sci-fi movies ever (IMO). Can Prometheus possibly equal it?