The Freddy Evolution

The Freddy Evolution

The Man and the Monster

Freddy Krueger is one of those movie monsters that will go down in history. Decades from now people will still be talking about the Dream Warrior and his epic battle with Jason Voorhees. The Freddy that finally faced off against Jason is vastly different than the one that menaced Johnny Depp in the original Nightmare on Elm Street.


When Wes Craven started the series, he infused the character with his own dark sense of humor. Sure, Freddy is a killer and murderer, but he also controls your dreams like some psychotic sandman. Your imagination is actually his playground, so he has all those fears and other little secrets to use as fodder.


In the first movie, the humor was pretty light. They focused on the action, the dreams and his trademark one liners were few and far between. As the series went on, Freddy evolved into what the people wanted. They were tired of the silent killers like Jason and Michael Myers. They wanted someone that was vocal and actually having fun while they did. Robert Englund can be credited for creating many of Freddy's one liners.


There in was the problem. Freddy went from a serious movie villain to a stand-up comic with claws. By the time the series ended, the whole character was tongue and cheek. The reboot brought by the evil of Freddy and as the series continues, I hope they stick with it. There is nothing more pathetic than a horror monster that no one is scared of and is ridiculed and laughed at. You might as well just stick to B-Movies.