I love Frida. If you haven’t seen Frida, you must see it. My three words to describe Frida….captivating, emotional, and painful. The film Frida is based on a true story of Frida played by Selma Hayek, portraying the famous Mexican painter’s life. Frida Kahlo de Rivera was a self-taught painter with many of her artworks depicting pain, suffering, and passion. With 143 paintings, Frida painted her own realities and real life stories onto amazing portraits. An accident in her teenage years caused Frida to not walk again and as a result, she stayed in bed hand drawing portraits.

In the film, Frida’s father notices his daughter had a talent for drawing and decides to give her a canvas art board to draw on. Unable to walk, Frida remains crippled for the rest of her life along with poor health. Knowing she had a love and passion for painting, Frida decides to visit an artist to showcase her best masterpiece. His name was Diego Rivera. At first, Diego was not very interested in Frida because he thought she was some young school girl trying to get attention. As Frida pressured him more to look at her paintings, he finally engaged his attention to Frida’s art collection. Diego is very fascinated with Frida’s work and invites her to a party. Their friendship later turns into a relationship with Frida marrying him.

Frida’s marriage to Diego was very passionate, but deeply painful. Diego’s infidelities included an affair he had with Frida’s younger sister, Cristina. Due to this painful period, Frida and Diego divorced. In the film, Diego desperately tries to win Frida’s heart and love back. She refuses him. The two remarried a second time. Frida soon realizes she is pregnant, but later has a miscarriage. A few of her painting portraits include Frida’s depiction of her miscarriages. It shows of a distraught, sad Frida in pain from the sudden losses of her miscarriages.

Even though Frida and Diego are known to have many extramarital affairs, their deep love for one another never ends. Frida lived until her death in 1954. Frida’s health worsens as she participates in her art exhibition show. In her beloved hometown of Mexico, Frida is well-respected, appreciated, and loved for her breathtaking, captivating, and emotional real-life paintings. Frida stated that she only paints from realities, not dreams. Towards the end of her death, Frida writes in her diary entry, “I hope the exit is joyful- and I hope never to return.”

Frida is a beautiful true life story of a passionate woman who had a love for painting and demonstrating real-life stories of her own realities in life. You must see this wonderful, dramatic, and emotional film based on Frida’s life. For a short clip on Frida, click here