Fuse's new show Billy on the Street

Fuse's new show Billy on the Street


Who is Billy Eichner? He’s Fuse’s newest loud mouthed, sometimes uncomfortable, but always funny new star of the game show Billy on the Street.

If the game show Cash Cab, set in New York city, wasn’t fulfilling your laughter quota, and you were just down right board, there’s a new game show that will keep you laughing and wanting more. The host of Billy on the Street is Bill Eichner, veteran of Upright Citizens Brigade and online comedian. He’s extremely loud, abrasive, stands way too close to his contestants, but his manic demeanor is what makes the show so hilarious.


Billy on the Street is not your typical game show. By picking random strangers off the streets of New York city, you’re bound to meet some pretty interesting folks. Bill has no shame, and the way he awkwardly corners and forces people to answer pop culture questions adds to the show’s spontaneous and absurdist nature.


Aside from asking real questions about pop culture, there’s also a lightening round where Billy runs through the streets, corners people waving a dollar in their face and asks them questions like “true or false, Zac Efron looks like he wants to be molested by an older person?”. The real comic genius of the show comes both from New Yorkers’ nonchalant attitudes towards the absurd questions they’re being asked but also from Billy’s own flexibility with his interviewees. He has no problem abandoning people in the middle of a conversation if he’s fed up and his quick wit is also pointed directly at the contestants and their responses. 


Billy on the Street airs every Thursday night at 11 PM (eastern/pacific time) on Fuse