Gerard Butler's new movie bombs, but guess which movie just broke a huge record?

Gerard Butler's new movie bombs, but guess which movie just broke a huge record?

Weekend box office was a bit weak, but one movie continues to impress.

Did anyone head to the movie theater over the weekend? If so, what did you see? I'll tell you what you almost certainly did not see: the new romantic comedy Playing for Keeps. It seems, my fellow movie goers, that we have smarts, because Playing for Keeps just looks terrible in previews.

Another reason I think we're really smart: Skyfall, the latest installment in the James Bond movie franchise, continued to impress over the weekend. It's a fantastic film and I couldn't be happier that more and more people are seeing it. I'd hoped it wouldn't get lost in the end of the year hoopla.​

Skyfall actually reclaimed it's spot at number one at the weekend box office, taking in an additional $11 million, bringing it's total to $918 million globally. According to The Hollywood Reporter, that makes Skyfall Sony Pictures' biggest grossing film release ever. As in, ever! Impressive, yes?

I'll continue to sing the praises of Skyfall because I loved it. It's a ton of fun and again, I think it's one of the best James Bond movies I've ever seen. If you love action and glitzy glamor, this is a perfect movie choice, in my opinion.

As for the rest of the weekend box office, Rise of the Guardians came in at number two, taking in $10.5 million, followed by The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dan Part 2 with $9.2 million. Lincoln and Life of Pi rounded out the top five.

That brings us to the new rom-com Playing for Keeps, starring the aforementioned Gerard Butler and the always gorgeous Jessica Biel. Even they can't save this stinker, apparently, because Playing only managed a sixth place finish. That's a terrible debut, of course, but given the stellar movie selections out right now, I'm not surprised.

We stayed away from the theater this weekend, because no, Silver Linings Playbook is STILL not playing in our area. Ugh! I fully expect to be back in the theater very soon, with the release of The Hobbit and several other Academy Award contenders (namely Zero Dark Thirty, which looks amazing). What did you see, if anything?