'Gone With the Wind' Voted Best Film? Crazy!

'Gone With the Wind' Voted Best Film? Crazy!

Some people voted "Gone With the Wind," the best American film of all times. Better than "Casablanca"? Better than "The Godfather,"? Better than "Wizard of Oz"? Better than "Citizen Kane"?. Better than "Dumb And Dumber?"

I don't think so.

"Gone With the Wind" is the most over rated American film of all time. It had a great marketing campaign. It has great stars, Vivian Leigh, Clark Gable.

The story is trite. The story is dumb. The story is racist. It is about happy colored people in slavery. The romance is tired.

The only way "Gone With the Wind" could have won is because for a long time people have been told that it is a great movie. It is not even a good movie. How is the love story better than the love story in "Casablanca"? How is the depth an equal of "The Godfather?' And how in the name of common sense can anybody place it above "Citizen Kane?"

According to press reports "Gone With the Wind" was the top choice of a survey of five hundred thousand American TV watchers and People magazine viewers, who voted online, who selected their choice from a list of films compiled by a panel of film industry experts including Kevin Spacey? Susan Sarandon? Gene Hackman? Ed Harris? Cameron Diaz,?? Ivan Reitman? Mel Brooks?, Garry Marshall?? and Michael Moore?.

My lord! This award is a joke!