‘The Hobbit’ is finally done filming and on the way

‘The Hobbit’ is finally done filming and on the way

Ever since The Lord of the Rings trilogy was produced, so many years ago, people have been asking for a Hobbit film to bring more of J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic world to the screen.  The man responsible for the first three, Peter Jackson, was happy to oblige and for the last year or so has been working on a two movie series to tell the tale of Bilbo Baggins.  Now, after so long of a wait, the principle photography is finally done and the bits and pieces of Jackson’s next films are ready to hit the cutting room floor.

One can only imagine how hard it must have been on the cast and crew, having to work a ridiculous 266 days shooting what is essentially a 5+ hour movie.  But they made it through and so did Jackson and we can all now be thankful that there is little to stand in the way of the Hobbit

Those keeping track of the production process may know that the Hobbit has seen numerous problems during its shooting.  Jackson had issues during the early stages when MGM went bankrupt.  He also had problems with labor during the shooting itself in which he almost decided to scrap New Zealand as the primary location and head to Eastern Europe.  Add to that a surgery for an ulcer (go figure!) and an explosion (unplanned) on the set and it’s a wonder that anyone involved in this project came out alive.

The first of the two films is titled “An Unexpected Journey” and is expected to be delivered to us this December 14That’s right, a brilliant Christmas present for all the Tolkienites.  The follow-up, “There and Back Again” will be waiting for next Christmas, on December 13if all goes according to plan.

In the meanwhile, some of the cast and crew will be hitting up Comic-Con in San Diego this coming weekend.  If you happen to be lucky enough to be at SDCC, you just might be able to catch some footage from the film(s).  Assuming you have the fortitude to stand in line for many, many hours.