The Howling

The Howling

The 1980's was the banner decade for R-rated movies and nothing showcased that more than the werewolf movie “The Howling.” Sure, there were countless sequels after it, but nothing captured the feeling of horror and suspense than the original.

Top news reporter Karen nearly dies when attacked by a serial killer, and needless to say, is more than a little shaken up by the whole affair. She goes to a retreat at a rehabilitation center known as “The Colony.” I bet you can see where this is going.

It turns out she is among only a small group of humans staying at the colony with the rest being made up of throat ripping werewolves. Karen saves the day and escapes, but not before being infected by the wolves. She goes live on the air, telling the world that werewolves exist and transforms in front of the camera. This has to be one of the best endings in movie history.

What made “The Howling Great” was that it was a gory and violent that wasn't afraid to inject some comedy. This is one of the hallmark movies of latex make-up for monster creation and the motion and look of the werewolves and transformation are amazing. This was way before the days of CGI and is still pure in its form.

I hear that there is a remake in the works and my guess is that it will be heavily CGI, which just takes the passion out of it for me.