Hunger Games Parody Coming Soon

Hunger Games Parody Coming Soon

Scary movie writers take on the blockbuster hit

I guess we had it coming, Hunger Games fans. Anything that’s this big and this popular (by the way, how about going to see it again to make sure The Avengers doesn’t top it overall? I normally don’t advocate spending so much money on media, but I would love for this female-led, strong young adult movie to remain at the top for the year, if not longer!) is bound to receive some goofy parodies.

I don’t hate parodies, either; there’s a Hunger Games crack!fic piece of fanfiction known as The Starvelypmics that’s pretty funny (warning: it’s full of adult content and language!), as well as plenty of HG parody YouTube videos. But the makers of the Scary Movies franchise have now announced that they’ll be taking on a parody of the series—which will also include spoof of Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, The Avengers, and more. It will be called The Starving Games.

I am not a fan of the Scary Movie movies. I just don’t think they’re that funny. To make a successful parody, it’s got to be smart—with plenty of rips on actual parts of what it spoofs while being light enough to make you laugh without being stupid or ridiculous. In fact, the best parodies are those that could really happen; those are entertaining without feeling as if they’re dumbing you down.

Writing parodies is a lot of fun. I’ve written a couple myself—one about the ending of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and another as a crossover between CSI (the Las Vegas series) and Silence of the Lambs. OK, so they’re fanfiction; they’re also some of my most popular stories with hundreds of hits a month. And I wrote them over six years ago! That tells you right there how much people enjoy a parody and spoofing even the things they love.

Can you handle a Hunger Games parody? We’ve had several already that were pretty enjoyable, from the Brittany Spears spoof music video to the recent beanie baby Hunger Games movie. I really liked the How it Should Have Ended parody as well, since that is how I felt regarding the movie version myself. (The book version, of course, had plenty of tension and dramatic elements to really push for that scene; the film was simply too rushed to make it as impactful.)

All of that said, most of these were made by fans all in good fun; I have a feeling that whatever the Scary Movies folks make will be much less respectful and much more over-the-top, which might not sit well with so many fans.