I am Sam

I am Sam

I am Sam” is an AMAZING film. If you have not seen this beautiful, but yet emotional, heartfelt, and captivating film….you must! I first watched “I am Sam,” a couple years ago and the film was so beautiful…that it almost drove me to tears. There were some sad moments and scenes in the film too that really “touched” and extremely “moved” me in a very sudden, emotional way. I am glad I watched this film because not only “I am Sam” is well-done and made, but will grab the audience’s attention through the “true-life” story of an adult man with a mental disability of a young child who is capable to prove to the Child Protective Services that he is a “fit” father to raise his 7-year-old daughter.

Sean Penn, who plays Sam, is a mentally disabled grown man who had a child with a homeless woman, and is fighting very hard to gain custody of his beautiful 7-year-old daughter back into his loving arms as a father. At a birthday party for his daughter, an incident occurred which is now being “questioned” by the Child Protective Services if he is really a “fit” father figure for his child. With the help of his lawyer and friend, who is played by the gorgeous Michelle Pfeiffer, she works long hours with intense hard-work to build-up a strong enough case to win over the judges at court to prove that Sam is indeed a very loving and “fit” father. Proving a very difficult case like this in Sam’s situation is not a very easy task to do. But with the trustworthy help of his lawyer, Sam believes in her 100%.

What made me think about this heartfelt, beautiful film is how Sean Penn captivatingly plays such a strong individual and character in this touching, true-life story of a man who will go all-the-way to win his precious daughter back into his arms. Now…doesn’t that sound like a sweet, touching story or what?

I absolutely love this film. There is nothing more breathtakingly interesting then watching a film based on a true-life story of a man who has been through good and bad times to try extremely hard to be the “best” father figure to his 7-year-old daughter, but yet proving to the Child Protective Services and judge at court that he is a very “responsible” father too. Can I say….wow?

If you have not seen “I am Sam” yet, this film must be watched! This film will not “bore” you to death….I promise. If you enjoy watching very heartfelt, inspirational, emotional, but yet captivating films…this is the film for you. You may need a box of Kleenex too by your side in case you get “teary-eyed” during some sad, touching moments.