Kings of R-Rated horror

Kings of R-Rated horror

Jeffrey Combs

I first saw Jeffery Combs in Re-animator, a modern take on the Frankenstein story. He played a young scientist that discovers a way to reanimate dead people. It was a tongue-and-cheek horror movie that had as many intentional laughs as gross-out special effects.

This was the start of what would be a staple of Comb's career. He was a darling of horror makers like Stuart Gordon and Charles Band. Combs has always been about comedy as much as horror and brought a few laughs no matter what the character.

He went on to create classics like Castle Freak, Necronomicon: Book of the Dead and The Frighteners. While his star rarely shines in major blockbuster movies, he has had some smaller parts. Perhaps, the best known is as the deadly Dr. Vannacut in House on Haunted Hill and it's sequel. Anyone that enjoys science fiction may recognize the name from various Star Trek series. He's played everything from a Ferenghi to a Vorta.

He's lessened his horror movies in recent years and instead has been trying to make a more mainstream career, but he never passes up a good role regardless of his genre. He's getting older and has lost much of the young innocence that made him a unique character early in his career. His face has a harder edge to it now, but that great comic timing is still there. No matter the role, Combs brings 100 percent and easily steals the show from any other big name star. If you don't believe me, then just watch House on Haunted Hill.