Given this most festive of holidays, I would be remiss if I didn’t provide information about the best known Irish r-movie: Leprechaun. You may know Warwick Davis as the actor inside the Star Wars character Wicket, or the star in the movie Willow or as Prof. Flitwick in The Harry Potter series.

His first big starring role was as the homicidal leprechaun in Leprechaun. The movie also starred a very young Jennifer Aniston. I am sure she is proud of this classic gem of cinematography. It all starts when Dan O’Grady comes home from Ireland with a crazy story about trapping a leprechaun and taking his gold.

The leprechaun managed to escape and stow away coming to America. He kills O’Grady’s wife, but the Dan is able to trap him in a box with the power of a 4-leafed clover. He’s about to set the whole place on fire when he suffers a stroke and the leprechaun is left in the box for a decade.

Flash forward and Aniston and her father arrive to rent the farmhouse for the summer. Needless to say, chaos ensues, and the leprechaun gets out, kills a lot of people and gets blown up at the end for a nice satisfactory conclusion…or is it? It’s a B-movie folks, what do you think. Warwick came back for many more movies including one in space.

I think we can all thank whoever created these movies that they made the world a little bit better or at least a little scarier.