Men in Black III

Men in Black III

As far as sequels go, this one really works.

Men in Black rocked my world. It’s one of the few movies that I can watch over and over again (funny how several of the movies that make that list for me include Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith…), and I absolutely love how grotesque my favorite actor, Vincent D’onofrio, gets for his role. MIB II, however, was so painful that I didn’t even finish it. I love Rosario Dawson so much, but I just couldn’t get into that movie at all.

So I went into renting MIB III with caution over the weekend. Yeah, I had heard good things—but I remembered II’s groan-worthy flow and plot points. I am here to tell you, however, that III does not disappoint and, in fact, builds on the first film in a way that the second movie should have done.

Per the previews, you probably already know that the movie involves J going back in time to save K’s life, and in the process he meets a younger K and learns why he changed so much and is the anti-social old fart he is today. The reason why might bring tears to your eyes as it did me; I audibly gasped, something I didn’t even do while watching The Dark Knight Rises.

But there’s even more aside from the good plot in this movie. I love J and K, and the two were fabulous here—particularly during the past, when they get to know each other as young men. The villain, however, is also stellar here. He gives D’onofrio from the first film a run for his money—Bane from the previously mentioned movie could really take notes from this one—and he was both gross and scary. There were other memorable, fun characters as well, such as an undercover agent otherwise known as Andy Warhol and an incredibly sweet, if a little bit batty, clairvoyant alien sent to help J and K.

As with any other time travel movie, there were plenty of problems—such as if K were killed in the past, how would J have been recruited in the first place to go back and rescue him, et cetera—but overall my husband and I found satisfying answers to most of our questions at some point while we discussed it afterward. Out of all the sequels we’ve seen this year, I think this was my favorite and I would really recommend it if you enjoyed the first movie in the series.