Midnight Son, Somebody's step son?

Midnight Son, Somebody's step son?


Well, here I go again, reviewing the trailer and not the movie. The movie is titled, Midnight Son. It is to be released next year. Its executive producer was one of the dudes responsible for the The Blair Witch Project. His name is Eduardo Sanchez. I mentioned Mr Sanchez. I should next mention the film director and writer, so I shall. He is the same person and this is his first feature film. His name is Scott Leberecht. There is a Facebook page and a web site promoting the film, Blair Witch marketing style. So far, I couldn't find much else.

Midnight Son, is not to be confused with Midnight Sun by the Twilight lady. Do a google on Midnight Son and Midnight Sun comes up ahead of it. Midnight Son is a vampire story too. Vampires are still in, though I think zombies are more popular.

Judging from the trailer, the story seems to be serviceable -- Young dude turns into a vampire, sort of like young person turns into a sexual person. Strange things start to happen to his body and bingo, he becomes active! The dude in the movie becomes one of the bloodsuckers, or drinkers.

Maybe I have seen too many movies and movie trailers. I didn't see any visual in the trailer that would compel me to want to watch the movie in a movie theater, where I would have to pay to watch it.

That's my opinion.