Movie Review: Gone Fishin'

Movie Review: Gone Fishin'

"This summer's gonna be a ten"

“Gone Fishin’” is a 1997 cinematic depiction of Murphy’s Law, where anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. “Gone Fishin’” stars Joe Pesci and Danny Glover as best friends Joe and Gus. Ever since they were young boys, Joe and Gus have gone on fishing trips together. And, on every one of their fishing trips, something always goes wrong. Joe and Gus have started fires, gotten arrested and had accidents, among other calamities.

Joe and Gus are getting ready to embark on another fishing trip. They have won a free fishing trip to the Florida Everglades in a contest. Their wives are worried, since they both know that things always seem to go wrong on Joe and Gus’s fishing trips.

On their way to the Everglades, Joe and Gus stop at a roadside diner for a bite to eat. A fellow diner overhears them discussing fishing and joins them at their booth. The diner feigns interest in fishing, while stealing Joe’s car keys. The diner leaves, stealing Joe’s car, a 1970s era Barracuda, in the process. Joe and Gus’s fishing boat, which had been on a trailer behind Joe’s car, crashes into the restaurant.

Joe and Gus leave, pushing the boat on the trailer down the highway. In the meantime, two women enter the diner in search of the man who stole Joe’s car. It’s learned that the man is wanted by the police, having married a series of women and conned them out of all their worldly possessions.

Joe and Gus later discover their car at a gas station. The man is in the restroom so Joe and Gus steal their car back. Joe and Gus continue to the Everglades and their free fishing trip, with the thief in pursuit.

Catastrophe and disaster also follow Joe and Gus to the Everglades. They wreck several boats, the resort they won their trip at was destroyed by a hurricane, they burn down the hotel where they wind up, they get kidnapped, and they come face to face with an alligator while trying to find where the thief has hidden the money and jewels he took from the women he conned.

In the end, Joe and Gus help capture the thief and become heroes, but all they can think about is their next fishing trip.

“This summer's gonna be great, right, Gus?”

“Yeah, it can't get any worse than last summer.” ….

“.. I swear, this summer's gonna be a ten.”

“Ten plus.”

“Borderline 11!”