The Netflix difference

The Netflix difference

Where all the R-movies went

There was a time when the only place to watch an uncut R-rated movie was at the movies. When cable reared its head, suddenly we could watch R-movies on television, but they were mostly rehashed moves from the theater.

The theater is nearly devoid of R-movies these days, but streaming sites like Netflix have a treasure trove of moves that you've likely never even heard of. I admit that when I first started with Netflix, I stuck pretty close to that main page. They have a bevy of choices that they think I'll like and they were generally right.

It wasn't until I began exploring the site that I realized exactly how many movies they had. Sure, it's not nearly as much since Starz dropped them, but it's still pretty good. There are tons of R-movies in the horror, science fiction, drama, action, etc. that I never heard of. Many of the are bad and I mean really bad, but there are definitely a few diamonds in the rough.

These are movies that you aren't likely going to see on either any of the paid cable channels or in the theater. Some of them aren't even rated because...well...that would have cost too much money. I love surfing the Netflix menus for those odd movies that I will most likely spending the whole night laughing at and then making sure to tell people about it on Facebook.

R-movies in the theater are a dying breed, but they are alive and well on streaming sites.