Netflix Queue Night: "Real Steel" Review

Netflix Queue Night: "Real Steel" Review

Surprisingly, it was a hit at our house

You know those weekends where you just really, really don't want to leave the house for two days? Yeah, I had one of those. Thankfully, I have Netflix and I've been good about keeping my queue pretty updated. But on Friday, when the Real Steel DVD arrived, I'll admit I cringed a little inside.

It's not that I have anything against Hugh Jackman (except for the whole Wolverine movie debacle, but I'm not going there today), but I just wasn't that excited. I wasn't excited when I saw the trailer, so I didn't see Real Steel in theaters. It looked, to me, ridiculous. Fighting robots? Not my thing.

Now I'm admitting something else: I liked Real Steel. And I'm going to try to tell you why.I'm no fancy movie critic, so forgive me if I don't get all deep and technical on you here, but I liked Real Steel because it was...entertaining. It was two hours of just pure sweet fun and if you'd told me early last week I'd LOVE giant fighting robots, I'd have thought you were crazy. My spouse put it in the queue. I was expecting...anything else.


Sure, the story is a little corny at times (see: trailer above), but it's a good solid film. I can see why our "dad friends" said their kids went nuts for it last year. The story is pretty basic stuff (dad fights robots, makes no money, kid finds robot who makes them money and dad and kid get close), but man, the robots? Awesome! My own big kid, aka the Spouse, was telling me all about Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots he had when he was a kid. For days. And days. He liked it even more than I did.

Sometimes it's okay to just like a movie with a simple plot and cool fighting bots. Real Steel is one of those movies. Just go in with the idea that it's fun, and you're all set.