Oscars 2012: Which Movies and Actors Come Out on Top?

Oscars 2012: Which Movies and Actors Come Out on Top?

Expect few true surprises this year

It's Oscars time, and you know that means predictions. I've decided to go way out on a limb this year and use my murky, dusty crystal ball to determine who I think will win. And no, I'm not doing all categories, or we'd be here all day.

I've decided to limit my own predictions to the so-called "Big Five" Academy Awards categories: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Screenplay -- both adapted and original, so hey that's six but who's counting?First up, Best Picture: If I was a betting woman, and I'm not, I'd put pretty much everything on The Artist. I feel pretty confident in saying that this movie will take home several major awards at Sunday's 84th Annual Academy Awards ceremony. Best Picture will likely be one of these awards. The Help would be my second choice. I loved both of these films to pieces, so I'll be happy if either gets the nod.

The Best Actor Oscar in 2012 will either go to Jean Dujardin for The Artist or George Clooney for The Descendants. And yeah, in case you haven't noticed by now, I fibbed earlier: I'm not really going out on a limb at all. These two are the odds-on favorites to win. Personally, while I love Clooney, I'd like Dujardin to win -- mainly because I want another ridiculously charming acceptance speech from him. Seriously, he was adorable at the 2012 Golden Globes:


Moving on, I predict that Viola Davis will indeed win the 2012 Best Actress Academy Award for her work in The Help. Meryl Streep's performance in The Iron Lady was solid, and she did take home the 2012 Golden Globe for Best Actress, but I'm thinking this is Viola's year at the Oscars.

When it comes to Best Director, it's got to go to Michel Hazanavicius for The Artist. There's just no way the Academy gives this to anyone else. No surprises expected, and, in my opinion, Hazanavicius deserves the golden statue more than any of the other nominees, including Martin Scorsese.

Okay, on to Best Screenplay now: We have both original and adapted screenplays to consider here. Best Original Screenplay will go to Midnight in Paris, and rightly so, though it would be quite something if a huge upset happened and Bridesmaids won. I'll acknowledge that The Artist is also strong in this particular category, but it's going to Woody Allen this year. And of course, he won't be there to accept....

The Best Adapted Screenplay will almost certainly go to Alexander Payne's The Descendants. I liked the other nominated scripts, including Moneyball and definitely Hugo, but the Oscar statue goes home with Payne in 2012.

Still with me? Good. Now I'm really going out on a limb to predict an upset -- I don't expect a lot of these on Sunday, to be honest. Oscars 2012 will be The Artist vs. The Help. That being said, I really think that an upset is coming in the Best Supporting Actress category. Yes, I know that Octavia Spencer's cleaned house at all the other awards shows this year for The Help, but I suspect this one could go to Jessica Chastain, also for...The Help. I'll cheer either way: Both of these actresses were phenomenal in the film.

Time to weigh in: Do you agree with my choices? Think I'm way off? Hope I'm right, or wrong? Let's hear it in the comments, and happy Oscars 2012 to all.