'Paranormal Activity 4' wins the weekend box office

'Paranormal Activity 4' wins the weekend box office

I didn't see it, but what I saw was my favorite movie of the year (so far).

We love to be scared, and we love our Paranormal Activity franchise, apparently. The latest installment in the spooky series, Paranormal Activity 4, easily won the weekend box office, but interestingly enough, it didn't perform nearly as well as it's predecessors. Bad sign? Probably so.

Somehow, I managed to wiggle out of my promise to see a scary film in theaters before Halloween (whew). I lobbied hard to go see Argo, because the word of mouth from friends was ridiculously strong -- and because I finally got over my cold and felt well enough to brave the theater without infecting my fellow movie goers. The short version: I'm so glad I did. Argo is an incredible movie.Let's take a quick look first at the weekend box office numbers, before I start telling you how amazing Argo is (oh, wait, I just did that...anyway...): Paranormal Activity 4 was first, taking in just over $30 million in its debut weekend. That's not shabby, but it's definitely less than Paranormal Activity 3 last year. I've seen the previous three PA movies, because reviews were pretty decent and word of mouth was good. Not so with this one, so I stayed away -- and apparently, I'm not the only one. I highly doubt PA 4 can keep this momentum going in the weeks to come.

Argo landed in second place at the weekend box office, taking in a very respectable $16.6 million. Hotel Transylvania was third, with $13.5 million, while Taken 2 was fourth, with $13.4 million. And Alex Cross failed to impress in its opening weekend: The movie finished in fifth place with $11.8 million.

Now back to Argo, which I know I've already told you is excellent. Now I need to tell you *why* it's so great: It's timely, it's informative, it's beautifully acted, wonderfully directed and suspenseful -- even if you know the story and the outcome beforehand. Ben Affleck has truly found his calling. I'll be shocked if Argo doesn't get Best Picture and Best Director nominations, and I would love it if Alan Arkin and John Goodman both get Best Supporting Actor noms, too.

Argo, so far, is my favorite movie of the year, and I've seen some great ones. See it!!