Planet B-Boy

Planet B-Boy

“Planet B-Boy” is not your average documentary. B-Boys are the contemporary dancers whose dance moves originated from break-dancing in the 80‘s. Decades later, there has been a re-surgence in this kind of dancing and the movie follows of the lives of a few individual teams from different countries as they prepare for “The Battle of the Year”, which is the ultimate dream for most B-Boys.

The film is narrated by of the German organizers of the annual event who clues the audience into the different styles of each of the countries. The French B-Boys are known for their artistry and their intricate moves, while the US team is recognized for their strength in individual battle skills or dance offs. A member of the Japanese team recognizes itself for its similarities to Japanese samurais. The South Korean team is known for their high technical level.

The movie is interesting not only because of the dance scenes but because of the individual accounts from each of the team members. The French team featured in the film was an interesting mix of African Immigrants who had taken a young, French boy from their town under their wing and taught him how to dance. The film crew interviewed the boys’ mom who said she would like her son to become a fire-fighter later on in life. He told his mom to, “Get over it” in French on camera.

A member of the South Korean team explained that the idea of someone choosing this kind of lifestyle was almost unheard of in Korean culture as Koreans are typically more focused on career-oriented goals.

Once the teams arrived in Germany for “The Battle of the Year”, they were put into a classroom with mattresses spread out all over the floor. Not the best accommodation to be sure. The teams  showed animosity to the other teams right from the start; the French thought the Americans were too used to being center-stage in the world, the Americans were shocked that they were booed and wanted everyone to know that they did not vote for George W. Bush, and the Koreans and Japanese teams were eager to battle each other.

Although the event had participants from all over the world, and 8,500 people in the audience watching, the prize money was less than 2,500 Euros total. The idea for the B-Boys is to get exposure from the event, and then use their new-found fame to make their money elsewhere.

I won’t spoil the ending for you or tell you who won; I’ll let you watch the film for yourself.