The Porky's Impact

The Porky's Impact

Anyone who was a teenager in the 80's, or even younger than a teenager if your parents went to bed early, knows about the Porky's trilogy. Three films filled with crazy characters, sex filled romps and really vulgar jokes.

Porky's was the part of “those” movies that capitalized on the feelings of the late 70s and early 80's. It was as time of decadence where sex, drugs and rock and roll were the norm. Porky's wasn't shown in back alley theaters and late at night, but in mainstream theaters, and had many actors that would go one to become stars including Kim Cattrall and both parents from “Webster.”

It revolved around a group of high school kids doing their best to have sex and make the lives of their teachers and parents a nightmare. They all strive to make it to the local brothel “Porky's” owned by a cigar smoking vulgar, and some would say evil, hillbilly. Every time they tried, they were turned away one humiliatingly violent way after another.

Porky spawned two more movies, but they couldn't reach the fun of the first one. While there were similar movies before it including Meatballs, Porky's is thought of as the definitive rompy comedy that defined an age and an era. I remember the day my father, not knowing what Porky's really was, rented the VHS tape from the video store and brought it home.

My parents were never to shy away from an R movie, but even they felt a little awkward a little old me sat there and watched it with them.