Redoubtable: Recount

Redoubtable: Recount

It’s funny to think about liberals as being a demographic for movie going – but they are. And if in all of his lispy, post political glory, you’ve forgotten why Albert Gore, Jr. isn’t president – Recount is a drawn out explanation of the reason.

The cast assembled for hborecountcast,0,1233841.story">this flick reads like a list of venerated actors from comedic and dramatic faire. Led by Kevin Spacey as a discounted politically savvy lawyer, Dennis Leary, Ed Begley and Bob Balaban follow with strong, if surprising, performances. Leary isn’t funny, but snide and Begley seems like the spaced out, dyslexic lawyer that his part is written to be.

Having less than detailed insight into many of the people that these characters are based upon allows viewers to believe a great number of the characters – the Jeb Bush look alike is pretty believable. And while Katherine Harris and her sanity might have been called into question during the 2000 election, Laura Dern goes a bit over the top.

The arc of the narrative seems to be over repeatedly before the one hour mark, but there’s always another legal avenue for these players to go down. The legalese isn’t drawn out, but at times the lingo that’s utilized to make points is a bit beyond the average viewer (like me).

Recount isn’t academic, but there’s a clear bias regarding who the makers of the film voted for – there’s no confirmation of that, of course, but the screen time dedicated to the Gore team seems to point in one direction.

If a film was made from the point of view of the Bush posse, it would be run out of town pretty quickly. And the fact that HBO produced and aired this makes clear any guesses about media conglomerates. But again, the fact that there’s a market for this seems to be the reason that it’s been made.

And if examined as entertainment, Recount easily meets any requirements despite the short comings stemming from a movie that portrays events that seem only to have occurred yesterday. Maybe An Inconvenient Truth should have been subtitled, Recount II: Back to the Drawing Board.