Resident Evil

Resident Evil

When I was in college, the game that I played all the time were in the Resident Evil franchise. It created and revolutionized the genre of survival horror. In 2002, they came out with a movie version that turned zombie horror into an action genre.

It followed the exploits of the amnesiac Alice as she and a group of military personnel try to find out what happened to a secret underground Umbrella Corporation laboratory. Scientists were developing a virus that could heal and end disease, but also ended up reanimating dead flesh. When the virus escaped into the environment, the computer system called “The Red Queen” sealed off the compound killing everyone inside.

The group enters the facility and battles zombies, zombie dogs and other monsters made famous by the video games. This was the first of five movies based on the Resident Evil games. The only character that reoccurs through each one is Alice, which is funny considering she's is not in any of the video games.

As the movies continued, none have been able to keep the fun and excitement as the first. The disaster keeps getting bigger and the plots got too ridiculous. A zombie outbreak on a small scale leads to emotionally invested characters and action-packed battles. An entire world overran with zombies mean plot takes a back seat to special effects.

The newest movie is in development and I think they may have jumped the shark. They are bringing back dead characters through cloning, so I can only imagine the stinkfest.