Revisiting Christopher Nolan's 'Batman' movies and loving it

Revisiting Christopher Nolan's 'Batman' movies and loving it

'Batman Begins' holds up really well.

Until I saw Batman Begins, I'll admit, I wasn't a Batman fan. In fact, I wasn't really ever into the so-called superhero movies at all. Everything changed with Batman Begins, at least for me. Over the span of two hours, I fell head over heels for Batman the way that Nolan portrays him: tortured, flawed and extremely human.

It's been a couple of years now since I've watched Batman Begins, but with the coming release of The Dark Knight Rises, I figured it was time to revisit the two previous films. I know I'll love The Dark Knight (again), but I wasn't so sure about Batman Begins. I was wrong.

Batman Begins - Official Trailer

Batman Begins is the first film in director Chris Nolan's outstanding Batman movie trilogy. Here, we see a young Bruce Wayne become a terrified child (seeing his parents murdered) and a damaged soul who harbors incredible fear. He grows up lost, eventually winding up in a Chinese prison camp. He meets Henri Ducard, who trains him to become a ninja of sorts -- a member of the League of Shadows.

I won't get into all the plot specifics, but let's just say that to me, Batman Begins holds up very well. It lacks the incredible action of The Dark Knight, but in Begins, Nolan spends a great deal of time focusing on Bruce Wayne. Specifically, we learn how and why Wayne becomes Batman in the first place.

All the comics nuts out there are probably rolling their collective eyes at me right now, but just know that I came into this not knowing squat about Batman, okay? So for me, I needed the story to be set up properly.

Liam Neeson is fantastic in Batman Begins, though the first time I saw it I kind of thought it was strange seeing him in so many action scenes. Not anymore. Since this movie, Neeson's gone on to do some pretty kick-butt action films, including another favorite movie of mine: Taken.

Katie Holmes never worked for me as Rachel Dawes for some reason. Maybe she looks a little too young? Or maybe I'm forever going to see her as Joey from Dawson's Creek. I much prefer Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel...Katie almost seemed like she was playing dress-up in Batman Begins: "Hey look! I'm not Joey anymore, I'm a grown-up attorney who works for the Gotham D.A.!"

For now, I've quelled the crazy that's rising up inside me over The Dark Knight Rises. Seriously, I've been sitting here counting down the days until TDKR comes out. Anyone else out there going berserk waiting to see the third (and final) Nolan Batman movie? And, if you're a huge fan, have you revisited Batman Begins as well? What did you think?