Ridley Scott in Talks Over Blade Runner Reboot

Ridley Scott in Talks Over Blade Runner Reboot


Ah. No. Stop. Please, stop. Please don't take everything I loved from the 20th century and kick it into this millennium covered in a fresh new digital web 2.0 sheen, tipped with fiber optics and throttled with steroids. Please don't remake every single decent movie on the planet any more. It doesn't need to be done.

Especially not you, Ridley Scott. You had such good things going for you way back when. You made some of the best science fiction ever to play across the big screen. You practically invented the space horror genre. Without you, I'd never get to play Dead Space or Dead Space 2. You were so deliriously competent.

So, yeah, Ridley Scott has been convinced by someone with more money than he deserves to reboot Blade Runner, I think. Some producers have issued a press release that states that they'd like to "follow up" on the classic and that it'll be "fresh" and "original" just because it has the original director on board. Hey, you know what was a perfect follow-up to Blade Runner? That director's cut that came out a few years ago. It fixed everything that was wrong with the theatrical version and made an excellent film into a perfect film. Don't trifle with my voiceover-free Blade Runner. It exists and we don't need any more of it.

Remember that time when the director of one of the greatest sci-fi stories ever told came back for a second round? A round that also promised to be "fresh and original"? Remember when George Lucas crapped all over my childhood in order to sell millions of action figures and lunch boxes and toy lightsabers? He's still doing it. It wasn't pretty. It certainly didn't do the original trilogy any good. 

So, yes, please stop. Blade Runner is not an action movie to be cheaply replicated ad infinitum. It is a perfect piece of art science fiction that need not be followed up. It contains itself. It is done. Leave it alone. Go away.