'Skyfall' is a hugely entertaining James Bond movie

'Skyfall' is a hugely entertaining James Bond movie

Might be the best in quite a while.

James Bond fans, guess what? I've got excellent news about Skyfall, the 23rd installment in the Bond film franchise. Not only is it a fantastic, fast-paced movie, it's also one of the best Bond movies I've seen in decades.

I liked Casino Royale, hated Quantum of Solace and had expectations that Sam Mendes' Skyfall would be better than both. I was correct, I'm happy to say. This is a must see movie if you're a fan of the series like I am.
What makes Skyfall so great? What doesn't! Seriously, I had trouble finding fault with anything in the film. It worked for me on all levels. The acting was extraordinary, and this is the first time I really clicked with Daniel Craig as James Bond.

He brings a certain vulnerability to the role that I haven't seen before. He's also just hot and slick enough to, after a hugely entertaining opening train fight, swing down into a train car, adjust his cuffs, and still look totally cool.

Skyfall is visually gorgeous. It's definitely the best looking Bond film I've seen. We saw it in IMAX, and while that's certainly optimal, it's not necessary. I just splurged because I'm such a 007 nut! I'm impressed that director Sam Mendes was able to make this a great action movie (seriously, it keeps going and going) and balance a little deeper delve into James Bond's psyche.

Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that I thought Javier Bardem, as the obligatory Bond villain, Silva, wasn't off-the-charts great. The man plays nasty almost too well. I kept expecting him to whip out an air gun, though his character in Skyfall is much more animated than the role he played in No Country for Old Men.

In summary: What you've got in Skyfall is a solid, entertaining, thrilling James Bond movie. If that's your thing, get to the theater now to see it!