A Summer of Surrealism: 3 new movies about Salvador Dali

A Summer of Surrealism: 3 new movies about Salvador Dali

What do Robert Pattinson, Antonio Banderas, Johnny Depp and Al Pacino have in common besides charisma and good looks? Salvador Dali- and the three upcoming movies about the artist being released within quick succession of one another.

The first of which, Little Ashes, premiered March 2009. Twilight star, Robert Pattinson plays a young Dali along with Matthew McNulty and Javier Beltran portraying his close friends, filmmaker Luis Bunuel and poet Federic Garcia Lorca. The brilliance of these three young artists first intertwine when Dali is 18 years old and enters the Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid to study at the Academia de San Fernando, School of Fine Arts in 1922. Their story of friendship, artistic experientation, sexuality, and groundbreaking works of Surrealism in film, poetry, painting, and sculpture set admidst the tumultuous and glamorous  backdrop of the 1920's is truly engrossing.



Al Pacino will play the artist in, Dali & I: The Surreal Story, an adaptation of Stan Lauryssens' very controversial autobiographical book. A self-confessed fraudster, art-dealer and crime writer, Stan Lauryssen may face legal action from the Gala-Salvador Dali Foundatio

n because of the many outrageous claims he makes about the artist (and his wife, Gala) in his novel, now a major motion picture in production. Cillian Murphy plays Lauryssens. It will be curious to watch how this one unravels the private life of the notorious and publicly eccentric Dali!



Apparently, Antonio Banderas is in final negotiations for the role, in Dali, directed by Simon West, although it appears that Johnny Depp is also connected to the saga. Several articles state that Depp first decided he wanted to play Dali and then held auditons for the screenwriters. I'm curious to know how the effort paid off and if there is a fourth movie on Salvador Dali in the works starring Johnny Depp.... if so, I will just have to write Hollywood and say thank-you, personally.


I think it would be impossible to get too much of Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson, Antonio Banderas, and Al Pacino all playing the eccentric Spanish Surrealist maestro known as, Salvador Dali. His is a story, of many fantastic colors. And the final question is, "Why is everyone making movies about Dali all of a sudden?"

Perhaps it is because, revolution is in the air?


"Surrealize the dream..."