'Taken 2' rules at the weekend box office

'Taken 2' rules at the weekend box office

Other debuts, including 'Frankenweenie,' fizzle

All hail Liam Neeson: King of the action movie, at least for now. Neeson's Taken 2 was the undisputed champion of the weekend box office in the U.S., taking in a whopping $50 million. Movie goers love their Taken movies, don't they? I suspect Taken 3 is already being written.

Sadly, the news is anything but good for Tim Burton. His latest effort, the stop-motion animated film Frankenweenie, only managed a (weak) fifth place finish. I didn't see either of these films, but the one I did see, I loved.It's so rare that I approach a movie theater box office with absolutely no idea which movie I'm seeing, but that's exactly what happened on Friday night. For once, I had a ton of great options! I'd already opted out of Taken 2, simply because the reviews were dismal. I liked the first movie, but I don't think I'm going to pay for more. Frankenweenie was a possibility, but I decided to wait a week or two, to get the full Halloween experience. What did I see?

I saw the time-bending, thrilling, incredibly original Looper, and when I tell you I loved it, that's an understatement. I went nuts over this film, and it prompted a 45-minute discussion/analysis among our friends after we left the theater. I don't know about you guys, but that's my kind of movie! Here's the thing about Looper: Don't read too much about it before you go. Yes, there are spoilers. Even knowing that, you'll still come out wondering what just happened. It's a great film and did I already mention it's a wonderful, original idea? Yes, I did, but it's worth saying again.

Now, I'll hop off of my movie soap box long enough to tell you that the animated Hotel Transylvania held on to second place at the weekend box office, followed by the (well-reviewed) comedy Pitch Perfect in the third spot. Looper, which you now know I adored, was fourth, and Frankenweenie was a distant fifth. Hopefully the numbers will improve for Tim Burton, because I hear it's a great, typically kooky Burton movie (always fun).

What, if anything, did you go see this past weekend? Let's hear it in the comments!